Granite Cleaning, Sealing & Polishing in Northwest Indiana an Chicago, Il.

Has your Granite lost it's shine? Does your Granite have white water deposits around the faucet? Great White Hard Surface Specialists can help. We clean, seal and polish granite countertops,... Read More »

Wrong color grout in Crown Point, In 46307

  This backsplash was installed in a new home in Crown Point, In and for some reason the company that installed it used the wrong color grout. Needless to say they new homeowners were not... Read More »

Vinyl Tile Cleaning and waxing in Northwest Indiana

We specialize in Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) cleaning and waxing throughout Northwest Indiana (NWI). This vinyl floor is located in a business in Highland Indiana on Rt. 41. The owner was told by the... Read More »

Commercial Grout Cleaning in Hobart Indiana

  St. Mary's hospital in Hobart Indiana has been going through a massive remodeling and expansion over the last year (2015) and great white was hired to do the tile and grout cleaning... Read More »

Clay Paver cleaning in Dyer IN. 46311

This clay paver floor in Dyer IN. was in the utility room of this home. It was in bad shape and needed a little love. We moved the washer and dryer out of the way and went to work. We applied our... Read More »

Marble Polishing in Crown Point IN. 46307

This marble vanity in Crown Point, In. was in bad shape. It is about 30 yrs. old and it has never been polished. Make up, hair spray and the wrong cleaning solutions have really done a number on the... Read More »

Bathroom Tile Cleaning in Crown Point Indiana

This tile floor in a bathroom in Crown Point,In is an old floor (2" tiles) but it was in good shape except for a little missing grout. The homeowners weren't  sure the floor could be saved but... Read More »

Terra Cotta tile cleaning in Northwest Indiana

This terra cotta tile floor is in Munster Indiana at the Boy Scouts of America local chapter. The floor has been there for the last 40 years and besides being cleaned nothing else has been done to... Read More »

Marble Stain Removal in Northwest Indiana (NWI)

This marble in Valparaiso, IN. was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The owner was opening a bottle of wine when the bottle slipped out of her hands and spilled all over the floor leaving this... Read More »

No Sand Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Northwest Indiana (NWI)

No Sand Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Northwest Indiana is anything but new; Great White has been performing this service for over 15 years as of 2014. This hardwood floor is located in Crown Point,... Read More »

Wood Floor Refinishing in Northwest Indiana

Why would anyone want to have their floors sanded when they can have them refinished without sanding in just one day? Plus there's no smell, no need to move out of your home and there better... Read More »

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in NWI

This dark oak floor was in the bedroom of a home in Northwest Indiana and was in need of refinishing. The homeowners did not want to deal with the dust and smell of a conventional wood floor... Read More »

Marble polishing in Munster, In. 46321

This marble foyer in Munster,In. was in pretty bad shape, the pictures do not do it justice. It is over 25 years old and it was scratched and dull all over plus it was missing areas of grout. We... Read More »

Expert Wood Floor Refinishing Crown Point,In. 46307

This cute church in Crown Point, In. has solid hardwood floors that were in great need of refinishing. The leaders of the church didn't want to go through the hassel of sanding the floors because of... Read More »

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Crown Point, In. 46307

This hardwood floor refinishing in Crown Point,In was in the foyer of this home, it wasn't in horrible condition but it was getting scratched up from their dog and it was also starting to lose some... Read More »

Professional Tile Cleaning Schererville, In 46375

Here is an example of what professional tile cleaning in Schererville,In. can look like. This heavily textured tile had dirt hiding in all of it's crevices and the grout was almost black from... Read More »

Tile Cleaning and Grout Recoloring in Dyer, In. 46373

This client in Dyer, In. was tired of scrubbing their dirty grout monthly only to have it look filthy again within weeks. They want to remove the floor but because of the way it was installed it... Read More »

Hardwood floor refinishing Ogden Dunes, In. 46368

This client in Ogden Dunes, In has a beautiful parque floor that was in decent shape. It was missing some stain in a few areas and the finish was just lightly scratched throughout the floor. Great... Read More »

Grout Color Change St. John In. 46373

This family in St. John In. remodeled their small bathroom but wanted to keep their tile because it was in great condition, the grout on the other hand was dirty, the wrong color and some was... Read More »

Shower Cleaning and Caulking in Valporaiso, In. 46385

This large shower in Valporaiso, In. 46385 was in rough shape. The hard water was leaving calcium building up on the walls, the grout was all discolored and the caulk was moldy and pulling away from... Read More »

Tile Cleaning St. John,In.

Cleaning, sealing and maintaining your tile, grout and stone can be a difficult task.  It is nevertheless necessary to maintain the beauty, cleanliness, and sanitary state of your tile floors,... Read More »

Tile Cleaning in NWI

Cleaning Grout back to new as when first installed!   Many people are unaware that cleaning grout could be returned back to new!    Cleaning grout is now easier to accomplish with a little help... Read More »

Travertine Cleaning and Sealing in Burr Ridge,Il.

Why “Hone” A Honed Stone? Posted February 9, 2014  Natural stone is now one of the most commonly utilized components in affluent home design. The most frequently used stone in the area is... Read More »

Grout Lines Turning Darker in Munster,IN.

Grout Lines Turning Darker in Munster, IN.   If you have tile and grout you may be noticing that your grout lines are turning darker. No matter if you have natural stone such as travertine, marble,... Read More »

Steam Cleaning Tile & Grout in Schererville,In.

Steam Cleaning Tile & Grout in Schererville,In.   We've all seen the 30 minute infomercial hailing the 'steam shark' as the latest greatest invention especially in the tile and grout cleaning... Read More »

Cleaning Wood Floors

Toss the Steam mop when cleaning your wood floors If you go to the store, chances are there will be steam mops on the shelves advertising for beautiful results for your hardwood floors. Reality is... Read More »

Does Price Matter/Tile Cleaning in St. John,In.

Does Price Matter?   Recently I inspected and tested a porcelain tile floor that needed to be professionally clean. The new home owners wanted their tile and grout floors to look as new as... Read More »

7 Tips on how to Protect and Clean Travertine Stone in Schererville,IN.

Travertine, marble and limestone are all very similar in physical and chemical composition, so cleaning and care procedures are practically the same for all three types of stone. Let’s focus on... Read More »

Caring for a Slate Floor in Burr Ridge,Il.

Slate is a fantastic option for flooring due to its durability and its natural design.  It is available as tiles or in larger sections with a variety of colors such as grey, green, black, brown,... Read More »

Proper Maintance of your Natural Stone & Ceramic Tile in Orland Park, IL.

Proper Maintenance of Your Natural Stone and Ceramic Tile Floors and Countertops February 1, 2014 Clean your tile & grout in Orland Park, IL.   Cleaning & sealing your tile surface will... Read More »

No Sand Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Munster,In.

No-Sanding Hardwood Floor Repair & Refinish   No Sanding and No Dust * Low Odor - No special ventilation requiredWalk on Floors the Same Day * Move Furniture within 24 hours If you are... Read More »

Uneven Grout Color Fix in Crown Point, IN.

Uneven Grout Color Fix in Crown Point, IN. /Great White Hard Surface Specialists January 29th 2014   //   Sealing Tips, Tile and Grout Grout can turn a good-looking tile job into a bad one if... Read More »

Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Crown Point, IN. /Great White Hard Surface Specialists

Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Crown Point, IN. /Great White Hard Surface Specialists Hardwood floors are very easy to clean and maintain, if done correctly. It is equally important as making the... Read More »

Cleaning Laminate Floors in Valporaiso IN./Great White Hard Surface Specialists

Cleaning Laminate Floors in Valparaiso, IN./Great White Hard Surface Specialists One of the major benefits of laminate floor is its durability. Laminate holds up well under many conditions and is... Read More »

Marble Floor Polished in Chesterton,IN./ Great White Marble Polishing

  Marble Floor Polished in Chesterton, IN.  | Great White Marble Polishing Tips to Hire the Best Marble Stone Polisher in Chesterton, IN.   Does it seem like no matter how much you dust mop and... Read More »

Tile & Grout Cleaning in St. John, In.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in St. John, In.| Great White tile and Grout Cleaning Grout is a mixture of cement, color, and sand. It is porous and, as a result, grout easily absorbs grease, dirt and... Read More »

The Secret To Keeping A Tile And Grout Floor Clean in Schererville, In

 The Secret To Keeping A Tile And Grout Floor CleanJanuary 24, 2014 | Author: adminI’m often asked about using a no-rinse cleaner for maintaining stone, tile and grout. People are always looking... Read More »

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Lowell IN

Practical Techniques In Tile and Grout Cleaning   For years, grout and also tile cleaning continues to be probably the most discouraging cleaning tasks experienced by homeowners. Below are some... Read More »