Bathroom Tile Cleaning in Crown Point Indiana


This tile floor in a bathroom in Crown Point,In is an old floor (2" tiles) but it was in good shape except for a little missing grout. The homeowners weren't  sure the floor could be saved but after we came out and looked at the floor it was quickly determaned that we could make the floor look great and for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. First we cleaned the floor with out 5 step process, next we replaced the missing grout and reset a few loose tiles. After the floor dried completely we color sealed the the grout using our bright white color seal. As you can see the results were fantastic and our customer is thrilled. We arrived at there home at 12:00pm and we left there home at 3:00pm. that being said it took us 3 hours to finish this job and the homeowner was able to use their bathroom as soon as we left.

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