Caring for a Slate Floor in Burr Ridge,Il.


Slate is a fantastic option for flooring due to its durability and its natural design.  It is available as tiles or in larger sections with a variety of colors such as grey, green, black, brown, yellow, and more.   For outdoor flooring or walls, slate stones are usually tumbled or rough.  Indoor slate flooring is finished smooth.  Aside from its natural design and durability, slate’s advantage is its natural resistance to stains.  Due to the natural bonding of natural elements to create slate, liquids take longer to permeate the surface.  With the right care and maintenance, slate flooring is expected to last for years.  Here are some tips to keep your slate floors looking good.

1)  Clean your slate floor regularly.  Use a dry mop to clear the floor of debris and dust as often as once a day.  Dirt and debris can cause scratching to the slate and stain the grout.

2)  Once a week, use a a damp mop to clean the slate floor.  A mild floor cleaner would be enough to clean the slate floor.  Avoid any strong chemicals that can damage the color and finish of the floor.

3)  A slate floor can be waxed as long as it is water-based.  But most prefer an acrylic-based sealer to restore shine to the floor.  The sealer likewise adds another layer of protection for the slate floor.

4)  After a few years, your slate floor may start to look dull.  It is also best to strip and reseal your slate floor every few years.  Before doing any resealing, make sure you know the type of seal used on the floor.  If you are uncertain, you should call the manufacturer to inquire.  For best results, you may want to hire Great White Hard Surface Specialists to do this for you. Call Today 800.366.3042