Clay Paver cleaning in Dyer IN. 46311

Clay paver floor before cleaningClay paver floor after cleaning

This clay paver floor in Dyer IN. was in the utility room of this home. It was in bad shape and needed a little love. We moved the washer and dryer out of the way and went to work. We applied our professional strength cleaner and started scrubbing. Great White has a tile brush that fits on our floor scrubber that is designed to scrub this type of tile and boy does it do the job well. When we were done scrubbing the tile we rinsed it with our high heat and high water pressure turbo floor cleaner to rinse out our cleaner and to flush out the dirt and grime. We then put fans on the floor to speed dry the tiles and last but not least we applied 4 coats of floor finish to the tiles and grout to protect the floor from further damage. Clay pavers also known as Mexican pavers and terra cotta tiles are able to have a floor finish applied to them because they are a very porous tile and they are not fire glazed like ceramic and porcelain tiles. If you have clay pavers in or around your home click here for more information or please give us a call at 219.690.1287 to see what we can do for you.