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Does Price Matter?


Recently I inspected and tested a porcelain tile floor that needed to be professionally clean. The new home owners wanted their tile and grout floors to look as new as possible, after all this was a major investment for them and they wanted everything clean and fresh. After measuring, inspecting and testing the floor I was able to provide them with a realistic expectation for what the floor would look like once we were finished. They were very impressed with everything but my estimate and thought that I was too high. Like most people they called one of my competitors and they under bid me by at least $100.00 so they got the job. My competitor was a "carpet cleaner" who occasionally cleaned tile.


According to the client once my competitor saw my 'test clean' he immediately asked what had happened. The client informed him that another tile and grout cleaner had come over to give an estimate for the cleaning and this was his result from his tests. My competitor told my client, "You should call him back because there is no way that I can get it that clean for you."


The client asked him also to do a test clean and he agreed. His test was splotchy at best and the client took his advice and called me back to schedule the job and pay a higher price. Myself and my helper spent ALL day cleaning this 600 square foot floor. In addition to the cleaning we sealed the grout lines and repaired two areas of grout that had been badly stained. Because the stains would not come out we took the extra time to cut out the stained grout and replaced it with new grout that matched the original color. This was done at no additional charge to the client. In addition we supplied the client with the necessary cleaning solutions to last at least a year.


Price does matter but it should not be the determining factor when making a decision such as this. I hope this blog has been helpful to you. If you have questions please email me at

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