Grout Lines Turning Darker in Munster,IN.


Grout Lines Turning Darker in Munster, IN.


If you have tile and grout you may be noticing that your grout lines are turning darker. No matter if you have natural stone such as travertine, marble, limestone or maybe you have you have a man-made tile such as ceramic or porcelain your grout lines will eventually turn darker. But why?


I have had numerous clients tell me that they have tried everything including buying expensive cleaners from Lowe's and Home Depot, using a Steam Shark, or using some type of acid, but the lines just keep getting darker. Here is what you need to know about grout. First it has nothing whatsoever to do with keeping the tiles in their place. Grout is more for looks than anything else. Under each tile is something called 'thin set' or the glue that is used to keep it anchored to the floor. Second grout is very porous and is made from colored concrete. These pores are of different shapes, sizes, and depth. Once a piece of dirt gets lodged into the pore it is extremely difficult to get out. Each time you mop you leave behind a small amount of residue on the floor that builds up over time. The darker the color the more dirt and more bacteria. Yes, I did say bacteria. According to the latest research their is more bacteria on one inch of grout than there is on one square inch of a toilet seat. Can you say YUCK!


Proper tile cleaning requires more than a good mop and strong chemicals. You will also need a grout brush, some good ol' fashioned elbow grease, and some very hot water. Next time apply your chemicals (no acid) with very hot water and let it stand on the floor for about (5) minutes. Scrub with your grout brush until you see the dirt break down. Rinse with a clean mop and clean hot water. If you have more than 100 square feet plan on spending several hours and using a lot of hot water. It is important that your mop and rinse water remain clean at all times. If this does not work then it is time to give me a call - you need professional tile cleaning. If you have questions about this article email me at or call us at 219.690.1287

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