Does your grout do this? 

Spills on your grout should bead and not be absorbed into the grout.  If spills do not bead, your grout needs to be sealed.

After thoroughly cleaning your grout, we apply a premium sealer.  Our premium GREAT WHITE Sealer will protect your grout by repelling and minimizing discoloration from dirt, acids and grime.

A sealer does not make grout stain proof.  It does inhibit penetration of substances that may discolor the grout.

The best time to have your grout sealed is right after a professional cleaning.

Over time, harsh cleaners can destroy the sealer making it necessary to re-apply the sealer periodically. We always recommend maintaining your floors with a neutral pH. cleaner.

                                                   GROUT COLOR SEAL

Does your grout still look dirty and show traffic patterns even after scrubbing?

GREAT WHITE has the cure for that!

After thoroughly cleaning your grout, we can apply a pigmented sealer. This process is called grout recoloring.

With recoloring you can change the color of your grout to a lighter or darker color or match the original color.


  • Save you time and effort by repelling soil and stains making cleaning easier.
  • Last up to ten times longer than standard sealer thereby offering the highest level of protection.
  • Save you money in costly remodels.
  • Save you money by eliminating the need for harsh cleaners.
  • Give new life to your existing tile and grout.

We Have 48 Different Colors To Chose From