GREAT WHITE provides tile and grout cleaning, grout sealing and grout 

coloring services to homeowners and businesses throughout Northwest 

Indiana and Chicago southland.

Every day foot traffic,spills and use of improper cleaning products will ultimately results in undesirable looking grout, thus detracting from the look of your entire floor. The most attractive tiles will lose their overall appeal if surroundedby dirty or stained grout.


Grout is a very porous material made up of cement and sand. Because grout is porous, dirt, liquid and bacteria can penetrate deep into the grout lines causing stains, discoloration and odor. Trying to remove the stains and discoloration is next to impossible. That is why we have designed a simple 5-step process to cure your dirty and damaged tile and grout.


Our 5-Step Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Processgrout cleaned

1. Pre-treat tile and grout

a. Alkaline/Acid based cleaning solution is sprayed on

b. Cleaner is allowed to dwell for up to 20 minutes

c. This loosens accumulated soil, grease, contaminants and topical residues

grout cleaned

2. Power scrub surfaces

a. Special surrogated brushes agitate the grout lines as well as the tile surface

b. Edge Cleaning and baseboard cleaning is done at this time

grout cleaned

3. Turbo rinse

a. Tile and grout are rinsed using pressure heated water

b. All water, cleaning solutions and contaminants are captured and extracted away in one process.

c. System is completely controlled with no moisture getting on any other surfaces or areas

grout cleaned

 4. Speed dry/inspection

a. Remove any remaining water on floor

b. Place high powered air movers to dry tile and grout lines

c. Inspect surface for any staining. Spot clean any stains found

grout cleaned

5. Sealing the grout

a. After the floor is dry we can apply the sealer of your choice.

b. Clear seal is a penatrating sealer that will not change the color of the grout

but will protect it against spills, stains and dirty mop water from penatrating

c. A color seal can change the look of the grout without replacing it