Marble polishing in Munster, In. 46321


This marble foyer in Munster,In. was in pretty bad shape, the pictures do not do it justice. It is over 25 years old and it was scratched and dull all over plus it was missing areas of grout. We first cleaned the marble and grout with our professional cleaner and the came the fun part. We ground down the marble with our weighted  floor machine and diamond grinding disks to get rid of the scratches. After the scratches were removed we began the process of polishing the marble to a high shine, again the pictures do not do it justice because of the different times of the day that the job was done and that the pictures were taken. When the floor was done being polished we replaced the missing grout and finally we sealed the whole floor with our premium stone sealer. If your interested in seeing what we can do for your marble go here or give us a call at Great White Hard Surface Specialists 219.690.1287

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