No Sand Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Munster,In.


No-Sanding Hardwood Floor Repair & Refinish


No Sanding and No Dust * Low Odor - No special ventilation requiredWalk on Floors the Same Day * Move Furniture within 24 hours

If you are discouraged with the appearance of your wood floor, Great White can professionally refinish and restore your hardwood flooring back to its original beauty.  Hardwood floor cleaning and restoration couldn't be easier with Great White.

There is nothing more beautiful than wood flooring; however, with normal use, the beauty and luster of your wood floor will eventually be diminished by scratches, scuffs, and an overall dull, worn appearance. With our wood floor refinishing program, we can restore the beauty of your wood floors in ONE DAY, and without sanding, adding years of diamond hard protection to your floors at a fraction of the cost of sanding and refinishing. 

Considering refinishing your hardwood floors is something you keep putting off.  Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but needs refinishing after a period of time.  Finishing hardwood floors, especially using no-sanding techniques, requires the right techniques, the right equipment, and the right people to do it correctly ... the first time. Great White has all three.  Call Great White today at 690-1287219-, have beautiful hardwood floors tomorrow!Here's how it works....First, we inspect your floors to make sure that our process is applicable to your floors condition. Then, we set up an appointment to refinish your floors with all the furnishings removed.STEP 1: Clean your wood floors to remove all of the oils from the old finish.STEP 2: Chemically etch the old, dull finish for a diamond hard new finish.STEP 3: Make any minor repairs to the old finish.STEP 4: Apply unique catalyzed urethane finish for lasting protection.

The next day, you'll be enjoying your newly restored wood floors at the fraction of the cost of sanding and refinishing.  Contact us today at 219.690.1287! Or complete the Schedule appointment  form and we will contact you!