No Sand Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Northwest Indiana (NWI)


No Sand Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Northwest Indiana is anything but new; Great White has been performing this service for over 15 years as of 2014. This hardwood floor is located in Crown Point, IN. and the homeowner was happy to find out that she didn't have to go through the hassle and mess of conventional wood floor refinishing. She has COPD and it would not have been possible for her to live in her home while someone sanded the floors then stained the floors with an oil based stain and then finally finish the floor with the old style oil based floor finish. These stains and finishes have very strong odors which require you to be out of the home for days and the dust can take weeks if not months to get completely cleaned out of your home. With our No Sand Wood Floor Refinishing process there's no dust to clean up since we don't sand and we use water based stains and top coats that dry very quickly and have virtually no odor. 

If you have been thinking about having your wood floors refinished but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of getting the sanded and moving out of your home for days because of the mess and odor, then give us a call. At Great White we specialize in refinishing hardwood floors while you are living in your home. We are usually done in a day and you can walk on your newly refinished floors within hours of us leaving.

Please click here to find out more information about our No Sand Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Northwest Indiana or call us at 219.690.1287 today.

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