No-Sand Refinishing Process

Step 1 – Cleaning – Using a neutral PH floor cleaner and as much agitation as is necessary, we remove grease, oil, spills, dust, etc.


Step 2 – Sandless Preparation – This is the step that saves you money, time, and inconvenience. Instead of sanding the floors and making a major mess in your house, we use a chemical formula and a specially designed pad to abrade the existing finish and remove scuffs, scratches, etc.

Step 3 – Repairs – We repair remaining scratches and other marks.


Step 4 – Apply the Finish – We apply the highest quality catalyzed waterbased urethane available today.It has very little odor and dries quickly. We always apply at least 2 coats of finish.

                                                 Facts And Questions

How long will it take? The average job takes us 4-6 hours to complete.

Can you stain our floors?

Yes. We can blend in area’s where stain is missing or we can over stain the entire floor to make a more even darker looking floor.

What kind of finish does GREAT WHITE use?

GREAT WHITE uses the highest quality polyurethane available, not a “mystery finish” like some other sandless refinishers. It is water based so it doesn’t have the strong odor. Our polyurethane is catalyzed so it is extremely fast drying, you can walk on it within a few hours of the floors being refinished. We guarantee you will not find a stronger more durable finish on the market today.

How durable is your finish?

Our finish is twice as durable as other polyurethanes. We believe that is it the highest quality urethane available or we wouldn’t be using it. My floors have several dents, scratches, discoloration marks, etc.

Can GREAT WHITE get scratches out?

Most scratches and marks come out with our process, but some might not. To get a truly accurate answer to this question, call us today for a free needs assessment today.

Can you refinish benches, pews, railings, cabinets etc…?

Not at this time but this service will also be available soon.

Can you refinish Parquet, laminate, or engineered wood floors as well? Of course! the refinishing methods we use are perfect for use with most of the older and newer floors on the market today. In fact, when we are finished sealing your floors they will be even more protected from scratches, stains, and scuffs then they were when you originally purchased them!

How long does your finish last?

There is a three year manufacturers warranty on the finish. This guarantees that your finish will not chip, crack, peel, or yellow. However this finish is not recommended for gym or dance floor areas as natural wear and tear occurs as it would with any other floor.