Is Your Marble, Granite,Travertine,Limestone or Slate

                                           Filthy & Stained or Just Plain Dull?

Natural stone has always been a very cost effective long term investment because it is so resilient. Even after decades of chemical and traffic damage, many types of natural stone can be restored to a like new appearance by a stone restoration specialist.

It takes an expert to effectively restore and maintain natural stone and these specialists are rare. Surface Solutions is a leader in the Tile and Stone Restoration Business. We understand what it takes to restore damaged surfaces and to protect and preserve these finishes for long term durability. While we choose to steer clear of quick fixes, we can present you with multiple restorative options to suit most any budget.

Below is a list of services available and a brief description of each.

LIPPAGE REMOVAL to smooth the unlevel tiles

A process by which uneven tiles are ground flat and smooth in order to create a more even appearance, eliminate slip and fall hazards and make routine maintenance more effective and efficient. It all starts with heavy floor grinding equipment and diamond abrasive floor pads. These are used to grind away the high spots and even out the floor prior to any honing or polishing steps.

GRINDING to remove deep scratches

To remove deep scratches, traffic wear and chemical damage. This is done with the same heavy equipment but with smoother diamond abrasive pads that evenly grind the surface until all the scratches are smooth. Depending on the circumstances, this process may need to be done several times with multiple grit diamond pads to go from dull to very smooth in preparation for polishing.

This is a DUST FREE wet process.

HONING for minor scratches and traffic

To remove minor scratches, chemical damage and wear from everyday foot traffic. This process is also done by machine with diamond abrasive pads and water that creates no dust.

POLISHING to give your floors a shine

This process is meant to give marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo and granite a deep, rich, glossy shine. In a nut shell, the shine is achieved by smoothing the surface and closing the pores until it is so smooth that it reflects maximum light. The compounds used vary from surface to surface but usually include one or more of the following- micro abrasives (to smooth the surface), natural resins (to enhance colors) and acidic polishing agents(to speed the process). We use state of the art “Craftsman Grade” products designed to yield the best results while minimizing environmental impacts normally associated with stone restoration products.

MAINTENANCE to keep it beautiful

Once a surface has been restored, routine maintenance is relatively quick and easy. Always use a Ph Neutral Stone cleaner instead of all purpose cleaners to extend the life if your surface and the sealer.