Terra Cotta tile cleaning in Northwest Indiana


This terra cotta tile floor is in Munster Indiana at the Boy Scouts of America local chapter. The floor has been there for the last 40 years and besides being cleaned nothing else has been done to it. The grout was originally gray but because the floor was waxed years ago the grout was now discolored and very uneven. We decided to make the grout black so the color was uniform throughout the whole area.

First we spent a whole day stripping off the old wax and cleaning the tile and grout lines, next we color sealed the grout lines in black to give the floor a uniformed look. The second day we waxed the floor with a very high end floor wax to protect the floor from further damage and to keep the floor looking great for years to come. We believe the most important part of our job was educating the maintenance crew on the proper and easy way to maintain this floor. Without proper maintenance procedures this floor can be looking old and dingy again in no time. For more information on tile and grout floor cleaning contact Great White at 219.690.1287 or go to GOGREATWHITE.COM today.

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