Tile Cleaning and Grout Recoloring in Dyer, In. 46373


This client in Dyer, In. was tired of scrubbing their dirty grout monthly only to have it look filthy again within weeks. They want to remove the floor but because of the way it was installed it would have disrupted their home for weeks and it would have cost the thousands of dollers to do so. We met at the Porter County Home Show in March of 2014 and we discussed cleaning the tile and grout and recoloring it darker so in between their cleanings it would still look great. Great White then cleaned the floor and recolored the grout in a darker color. Our client said it looks better then the day it was installed and the the color the we helped her chose looks better then the original also. Another happy customer in Dyer, In.. For more information on tile cleaning and grout color sealing please click here or contact us at Great White Hard Surface Specialists 219.690.1287 or 800.366.3042

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