Tile Cleaning in NWI


Cleaning Grout back to new as when first installed!


Many people are unaware that cleaning grout could be returned back to new!


 Cleaning grout is now easier to accomplish with a little help from a professional tile and grout cleaning service. Typical jobs usually range between 400-600 square feet. Average tile and grout cleaning service takes less than 3 hours setup to breakdown. A refined process which includes, high powered machinery designed for indoor tile and grout cleaning and safe friendly chemicals. Furniture and other items throughout house can be moved; however, moving just about everything is typically not necessary. It is best to contact the person or company who will be providing your service prior to the job being done. This service can be performed on either residential or commercial settings. Most residential clients prefer service on an annual basis, and commercial business requires periodic (quarterly, etc.) attention due to the amount of traffic where served. Tile and grout cleaning is first completed, followed by sealing. Both jobs are recommended, especially if your floors were incredibly filthy, and wish not to have future embedding of dirt that can’t be removed. Results after cleaning grout back to new appear to recover between 85-95% back to its original condition when first laid. All tile cleaning jobs are not the same in every home or business. Each job has its differences regarding the type of material, as well as the color or width of grout. Most dirty grout has the color “black” or even a darker, richer color in areas like kitchens, entrances, hallways, and more. Most jobs result in a “template” where clean verses dirty is shown! Cleaning grout not only affects the “appearance” of your overall floors, but also the “health” aspect too! “We pick up the funk off the floors” preventing sickness and disease. For an immediate appointment, or even great advice from a professional please visit us at GoGreatWhite.com! Also follow us on Facebook where you can get tips from others and photos/videos from professionals!

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