Uneven Grout Color Fix in Crown Point, IN.


Uneven Grout Color Fix in Crown Point, IN. /Great White Hard Surface Specialists

January 29th 2014   //   Sealing Tips, Tile and Grout

Grout can turn a good-looking tile job into a bad one if the grout is not installed properly. Curing conditions is one of the most important factors in grout color, yet is the most overlooked. Inconsistent, uneven and splotchy colored grout is often due to poor curing conditions. Changes in temperature during the first 72 hours after the grout is installed will cause some degree of discoloration. Issues will also arise if the grout is mixed too wet when applied or wiped too quickly before it is set up. In these cases it will leave the grout uneven in color due to over-washing the grout.


You could remove all the grout and start over but that would take time, patience, a lot of dusk masks and tons of messy clean up afterwards. Or, the easy way, by calling Great White and having us apply our special Color Restoration Sealer. That’s right, it’s a colorant and sealer in 1. It will make even the dirtiest, most discolored, uneven, splotchy grout look brand new. Our special sealer will make your grout completely water-proof and stain-proof. The sealer fills in the microscopic pores of the grout leaving a water-tight, stain resistant durable layer of protection.


Call Great White Hard Surface Specialists today at 219.690.1287 for a free Needs Assessment.  We can fix your discolored dirty grout GUARANTEED!!!